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Why is Local Internet Marketing Important to my Business?

Any Company Starting a New Business or any business that depends on customers looking for products or services in specific geographic areas needs to be aware of the many changes taking place in the world of Local Search Engine Marketing. From large businesses with multiple store locations to one person local professionals or contractors operating without a website, most businesses are trying to attract local customers. Multiple Local Search Marketing Directories such as Google Maps® have recently established “Local Search” as a priority in their business model. Due to this simple fact, every business interested in Local Search Marketing and Local Internet Marketing must now understand the increased value of their own business listing. Multiple Directory Business Listings in Multiple Local Online Directories add credibility to your Business Listing. Business credibility is a critical factor for success in any Local Internet Marketing or Social Media Marketing Program.

For more information, See Stellarpoint's Internet Marketing Strategies and our 2012 Marketing Strategy - New Ideas monthly updated marketing Webpage.

What kind of information can be added to my Local Directory Submission?

Any pertinent but concise local business information which differentiates your business is helpful in achieving greater Local Search Marketing visibility. Some examples might include: descriptive key-word phrases, store or branch hours, website links, major brands, unique services, available products, languages spoken, payment methods, coupon opportunities and most popular sellers. In addition, Stellarpoint Communication's PA Small Business Web Design and PA Video Production Company has the Philadelphia Video Production services to produce and Video Optimize online Marketing Videos as part of your Local Search Marketing efforts.

How can Local Directory Access™ help my Local Business find new Customers?

Local consumers are increasingly turning to Local Internet searches to find products and services to meet their every day requirements. Until recently, local search engines used a process called web crawling in searching web sites for relevant business content to produce online search results. Because of recent changes in Local Search Marketing priorities, Local Search Engines are now looking to multiple directory information providers for consistent and relevant business listing content information.

Local Directory Access.com provides every local business the opportunity to review and update the critical information various search engines use when responding to local customer search requests. Since this information is being provided to multiple search directories, Local Directory Access.com will submit your business listingcontent in a consistent format, containing rich and robust information which improves your chances of appearing in the top tier of local search directory results. This increased Local Search Marketing visibility provides more local consumers the opportunity to view your detailed business content information. Your business listingcontent information is now considered Local Directory Access ™ "Stellar Business Listing" information.

What is Local Directory Access™ "Stellar Business Listing" Information?

Stellarpoint Communications Group through Local Directory Access.com understands the value of complete and compelling information in the online world of Local Search Marketing. We also understand your Local Business faces enormous challenges every day ensuring your local business listing content is updated, enriched and accessible to online Local Search Directories and various other Business Directories.

Local Directory Access™ "Stellar Business Listing" information represents your complete business listing information after it has been updated, formatted and enhanced to appeal to the diverse universe of local online Search Marketing Directories and numerous other Business Directories, which ultimately generates greater Local Search Marketing visibility for your Business through local consumer searches.

How can You help my Business achieve higher Local Search Marketing Traffic?

No company can claim 100% knowledge of Local Search Marketing and Local Search Engine procedures especially their exact search query algorithms. Any company who claims this knowledge is probably doing a disservice to their client. Local Directory Access™ understands the local search marketing priorities various local search engines have made known to their information providers so as to provide better local information to their ultimate consumer – the online end user searching for pertinent and relevant local business information. The average Business does not have the time or the resources required to develop this information. Local Directory Access.com has developed this information to take advantage of Local Search Marketing best practices, including consistent formatting and a keyword-rich strategy in submitting your local business listing content for maximum consumer impact. We are confident Local Search Engines prefer Local Directory Access ™ information to traditional database sources because of the reliability of the information. Greater confidence on the part of Local Search Engines translates into greater Local Advertising visibility for your Business Listing.

How do “Local” Search Engines differ from “Traditional” Search Engines?

Local Search Engines / Local Search Directories were created as a specialized subset of traditional search engine directories. The main goal of these Local Search Engine Directories is to improve consumer’s local search experiences. These “localized” sites are actually integrated into traditional Search Engine algorithms and receive priority placement over traditional Web Site search results when local searches are deemed beneficial to end users. Local Search Engine Directories include Google Maps®, Yahoo Local®, MSN Live Local®, Superpages.com®, Yellowpages.com®, and DexOnline®.

Why is a Local Directory Submission & Directory Listing important to my Business?

Until recently, online Local Search Engines relied on website crawling (automated software programs which browse web sites for select data and then submit this information to various Local Search Engine Directories to capture information about your local business. As local consumer search requests started to become more specific regarding local geographical areas, and because a significant number of small local businesses do not maintain websites for their business, Local Search Engine Directories went looking for more reliable local business information. With more than 2 billion local searches being performed each month, Local Search Engine Directories are eager to receive accurate, reliable, and up-to-date business content information, regardless of whether the local business maintains a website. Since Local Search Engines understand the enhanced nature of Local Directory Access™ "Stellar Business Listing" submissions, your local business information is deemed highly reliable when Local Search Marketing Directories are conducting local searches in your geographic area. Local Search Engines are expected to produce reliable local search results for their end users. The more reliable your business listing content appears to Local Search Engine Directories, the greater your chances of highly visible local search placement in local search results. Greater local search marketing visibility for your business provides more local advertising for your business - which leads to more new potential customers.

My Business has a magnificent Web Site -- Why use Local Directory Access.com?

Some businesses believe a good looking website and an Effective Public Relations strategy insures magnificent exposure to consumers. Since Local Search Engines no longer rely as heavily on web crawling to capture local business information, individual business owners need to be certain their business listing content information is being utilized effectively, at least by all the major Local Search Engine Directories. By choosing Stellarpoint’s Local Directory Access ™, you can feel confident your business listing content information is being provided to the major Local Search Engine Directories in an up-to-date enhanced format. In addition, for very little money, you are given the local advertising opportunity to enhance your business content with compelling, keyword-rich information to help drive your business to the top tier of Local Search Directory results. For more information on Stellarpoint's Web Design Services, see our PA Web Design - Marketing Web Page.

My Business is Already listed with a major Search Engine -- What more do I need?

In choosing Stellarpoint’s Local Directory Access™, you can have peace of mind knowing your local business is relying on a single point of contact in managing, enhancing and distributing your essential business listing content information via the premier Local Search Marketing information provider in the industry. Local Directory Access.com submits your local business listing information to over 85 Local Search Engine Directories, including Google Maps®, Yahoo Local® MSN Live Local® Superpages.com® Yellowpages.com® and DexOnline®. One point of contact for submitting your business content means less financial investment and less time spent on local content management. As of June 2009, no one Search Engine controlled more than two-thirds of the Search Engine marketplace. Considering the billions of searches taking place every month, potential customers could possibly fall through the cracks over the reasonable investment of $199.00

There are some local directory services that might already have your listing information, such as Yellowpages.com®. When was the last time you updated this information? Is this information 100% accurate and complete? Have you reviewed exactly how much you are investing in various local directories versus the benefits you obtain from them? Many businesses have listings with yellow pages, but have not provided them with detailed business listing content information. The major local search engine directories will cross-check this local business listing information for consistency and reliability. If you have not thoroughly reviewed your business listing content within the last 12 months, there is a good possibility certain vital information is missing. In today’s business environment, every business should understand the details of their own Business Content. Stellarpoint’s Local Directory Access ™ provides you the opportunity to “take charge” of your Local Online Search Marketing and local advertising of your local Business Brand. You distribute customized business information with business listing content information you want customers to find.

When will the various Local Search Directories process my Business Listing Information?

Many Stellarpoint Local Search Engine Directory connections receive updated local business listing content as frequently as weekly. Local Search Engine Directories and other Local Business Directories generally select their own update frequency; nevertheless, your online business listing information should begin to appear within four to eight weeks after multiple directory submission.

What SEARCH ENGINE/ DIRECTORIES are included in my Multiple Directory Submission?

The current list is as follows:

Google Maps, Yahoo Local, MSN Local, Yellowpages.com (AT&T), Comcast.net Search, Dexknows.com, Open list (Marchex), Yellow Book, Kudzu.com, 4Info.net, Hill-climb Media, Realtor.com, Acme Media, Home Store, RepairPal.com, Al's Digital House, HotFrog.com, SanDiego.com, America’s Best Companies, Intellistrand.com, ShopLocal.com, Ausili Productions, Leff Tech./7mainstreet.com, Silver Nation., Best of the Web Local, License Holdings, Siri Inc., Bizmash Live Deal Inc., Slingshot Labs, Boulevards.com (21 Sites), Local Insight Media, Small town Inc., BuyerZone.com, Local Matters, Sorrento Square Media, City.com, LocalPoke.com, The Local Life, CitySquares.com, Lymabean.com, TriStateDating.com, Click2Connect.com, MagicYellow.com, T-Tell, Clopit-Thummit, Matchpoint.com, Tyloon.com, Cox Search (Southwestern US), MerchantCircle.com, Upnext.com, Dog time Media, Mixer Labs, USDirectory.com, Driverside.com, Mojo Pages, USYellowpages.com, Easily Planned, Monroe Publishing, Vertical Passion Media, Edmunds.com, Move.com, Vortaloptics, EZtoUseBigBook.com, MyBlueBook.com, Welcomewagon.com, Findology/zipcodez.com, Neighborsville, White Pages, GenieKnows.com, Opubco Communications, Yellowassistance.com, Geodelic Systems, Orlando Sentinal/Tribune, YellowBot.com, GetFave.com, Outside in, YellowPageCity.com, Go Fave, Pennysaverusa.com, Yodle.com, Hampton roads, Pilotonline.com, PraizedMedia.com, Zidster.com

This list is constantly being updated to add new directories to any multiple directory submission.

Do I really need to be concerned about my Local Directory Business Listing?

Today, nearly 2 billion online local searches are performed every month by online consumers looking for available products and services in their local areas. Until now, most businesses have found it nearly impossible to submit, maintain, and optimize accurate keyword rich business listing information for use by the exploding number of Local Search Engines and other Local Business Directories.

Our integrated approach to online business listings enables Stellarpoint’s Local Directory Access ™ to provide our clients with an affordable Local Search Marketing and Local Advertising solution for submitting relevant business-verified content, uniquely optimized for high-impact presentation and Local Search ranking. We submit your information through our local directory distribution (Localeze) connection, which puts more people in front of your website …thereby creating more customers for your business. If your competition is concerned about their local business listing information…shouldn’t you be?


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